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An Erasmus+ SPORT project will revive traditional games with the support of the BULGARIAN SPORTS FEDERATION FOR CHILDREN AND YOUTH AT RISK

An Erasmus+ SPORT project will revive forgotten traditional sports and games. The initiative is of the BULGARIAN SPORTS FEDERATION FOR CHILDREN AND YOUTH AT RISK and includes partners from Turkey and Romania. The aim is to acquaint young people with the forgotten sports activities that years ago were part of everyday life and loved by many generations. Folk ball, steel, ridge and other similar games will be presented by the Bulgarian side. The partners Multisport Experience Club (Romania) and Kargenc Club (Turkey) will also present the traditional games and sports typical for their nations.

The first meeting of the project management team took place remotely and was chaired by the project coordinator Kristiana Kazandzhieva. From the Information Center of the BULGARIAN SPORTS FEDERATION FOR CHILDREN AND YOUTH the President of the Federation Anatoli Iliev, the sports coordinator Damyan Dikov and the media expert Todor Shabanski also joined the representatives of the partners in the online meeting

The partners specified the dates and places of the individual presentations, which will take place this fall and at the beginning of next year. Each country will accept the other participants and for 2-3 days will present with demonstrations and tournaments the basic rules and specifics of the already forgotten traditional sports, games and disciplines.

Project News


1.) Asociația Club Sportiv Experiența Multisport (Multisport Experience Club) (CSEM)

The Multisport Experience Club is a non-profit organization focused on the promotion of sports as means for a healthy lifestyle, with a proven track record in organizing local sports events and activities for and with young people. CSEM actively encourages, supports and promotes participation in multiple sports to help children and youngsters improve their physical, mental, and social skills.

CSEM had the following objectives for the period 2012- 2017:

– To involve in a running event at least 1% of the population from Arad city;

– At least 30 members of the organization to have a half marathon realized;

– At least 15 members of the club to have a marathon realised;

– At least one member of the organisation to have an Iron Man realised (3.8 km swimming, 180 km riding a bike, 42.197 km running);

These objectives were totally accomplished! For example, in 2015 the club had more than 1% of Arad population in our Marathon, half-marathon and road running of Arad – 1872 persons from Arad (1,18%) from a total of 2587 participants.

Now it continues to involve people in grassroots sport on a higher level.

During the first 5 years (2013-2017), CSEM organized more than 22 events to promote sports and a healthy lifestyle:

– Căsoaia Bike Race – 2013;

– Half marathon and road running of Arad county – 2013;

– Green Duathlon – 2013;

– Arad Duathlon – 2014-2017;

– Arad Triathlon – 2014-2016;

– Tomato festival on bikes – 2013-2017;

– Peștera Românești Bike Race – 2015;

– Funsbee – Frisbee event – 2015;

– Marathon, half-marathon and road running of Arad – 2014-2017

On all these events CSEM had a total number of more than 12000 participants.

Apart from organizing local and regional sports events, CSEM also facilitates and promotes within the community European trends and visions, such as:

– Suggesting and implementing sports activities, projects and programs;

– Organizing sports competitions, events, and projects, locally, nationally and internationally;

– Applying methods from formal or non-formal education;

– Developing collaborations with similar organizations;

– Promoting a healthy lifestyle among children and youngsters;

– Developing management and leadership skills of young people;

– Promoting and developing intercultural programs.

As a target group, the club works with youth in activities dedicated to sports, but people of all age groups have access to the organized events. CSEM works on a daily basis with local and EVS volunteers as it considers it to be most beneficial for all parties involved. For the last three years CSEM has participated in more than 30 EVS projects, most of them in the field of sport and youth. Working with youth helps them embrace a healthier lifestyle, develop entrepreneurial skills and facilitates personal development. Throughout the projects, CSEM facilitates the best environment for each of its volunteers to be able to express their ideas and use their experience and expertise to improve the club’s activity and to continuously learn from each other.

The international element is very much present in CSEM activity. Apart from EVS volunteers, it tries to always involve international cooperation in activities and events. For instance, in 2015 CSEM had runners from 18 different countries and 20 Romanian counties.

One Innovative Element for Youth which CSEM created and used is “The 9th competence – the sport competence”. CSEM submitted a proposal to the National Agency and the European Commission for the introduction of the sport competence in adult learning. The Club believes inclusion of this competence in the Youth Pass is very important to help youngsters fight obesity, to create a habit of healthy lifestyle and take care of their own health. CSEM created a special training plan with a sports coach, as a part of the learning space facilitated for EVS volunteers. We also developed a methodology based and tested on the example of running as a sport activity, but which can be easily adapted to any sport.


The present team consists of 31 people (4 founding members and 27 who joined later). They come from various backgrounds and have experience in volunteering and training as well as in organizing sport events for young people.

Permanent staff:

2 employees/permanent staff and 5 part-time employees who are engaged, when the situation requires it, in mentorship, events organization, Romanian language courses, coordination etc.

Local volunteers:

CSEM relies extensively on the support of local volunteers for all our projects and events. It has a dedicated network and designated people working with them during the volunteering process and involving from 10-20 volunteers for small events/projects to more than 300 volunteers, as it is the case for the Arad Marathon.

Awards over the years:

– The most popular event in Arad – 2014, 2015 (Arad Marathon)

– The most popular sport project in Arad – 2015 (Arad Marathon)

– The event of the year for amateurs in Arad county – 2015

– Diploma for the involvement in the community and promoting of volunteering – 2015

– The biggest event for Grassroots Sport in Arad County – 2016

– Selection among the 6 volunteering events in the National Volunteering Gala – 2015 (Arad Marathon)

– Winner of the National Volunteering Gala – 2016, Arad Marathon (203 volunteers, more than 7000 volunteering hrs, 1956 participants)

– Winner of the National Volunteering Gala – 2018, Arad Marathon



2.) Karasu Genclik, Sanat ve Spor Kulubu Dernegi (KARGENC CLUB)

The Association was established in Karasu of Sakarya City in 2010 as a youth association. It consists of volunteer teachers, students and young people. The main purpose of the association is to encourage young people to have healthy living activities, to keep them away from bad habits, to support their inclusion in the decision-making process, and an active and responsive social environment. Besides, it tries to create an atmosphere that young people can feel creative, free, and pleased in order to keep them away from the environment with full of bad examples and role models, and it supports young people to discover their own abilities.

As an association, KARGENC CLUB provides art, theater, music, and sports courses for young people and students. It also organizes events such as street festivals, cultural visits, exhibitions, collaborated meetings, music, and dance organizations with volunteer charities. At the same time, KARGENC CLUB is conducting studies that guide young people towards their talents. In cooperation with the Karasu Municipality, it organizes hiking and anti-obesity activities.

Special Interests:

Prevention of sport Injuries

Sport injuries are inevitable during a sport activity, so this situation makes the club take into consideration prevention of injuries for better sport activities. In cooperation with Sakarya Provincial Directorate of National Education, KARGENC CLUB provides trainings about sport injuries for Physical Education Teachers and coaches who work with kids and young people.

Well-kept statistics of sport injuries of young people together with Physical Education Teachers by following tournaments realized at the school.

Healthy life and being active

KARGENC CLUB accepts the truth that obesity and inactivity are the biggest threats for humanity and main reasons for many illnesses. For this reason, it tries to create an environment that encourages young people to do exercise and wants them to gain natural dietary habits. Every year the club organizes beach volleyball and beach soccer tournaments in cooperation with Karasu Municipality. Moreover, KARGENC CLUB helps young people to avoid inactivity with hiking, traditional food days, village visits and awareness works, and prevents the overuse of electronic devices that lead young people to many health problems.

Social Inclusion

Organization of tournaments for all people in the province. These tournaments help youngsters who don’t have opportunity to do sport reach sport activities; and the tournaments gather together people from the different segments of society.

Traditional Games

KARGENC CLUB is interested in traditional games and organizes street festivals to play traditional games for kids in the local area.

Activities related with traditional games have been organized in cooperation with Directorate of National Education to keep young people active in the social life. KARGENC CLUB explores traditional games and give some training to teachers in the primary schools. Related with traditional games, the club is implementing Erasmus+ sport project named ‘Traditional Games are Meeting’.

Sport teams

KARGENC CLUB is active in amateur sports, and every year the club athletes attend International Euroijada Sports Games with active teams in basketball, futsal and volleyball.

Environment and Recycling

Furthermore, the club produces creative artistic products from recycled materials and organizes an exhibition from these products in the region which is separated as recycling street in the city park in Karasu. KARGENC CLUB encourages young people ad students to protect the beauty of Karasu, which is famous for a long beach, with support of Karasu Municipality. It does clean-up activities on the coast of Karasu and walking activities in Acarlar Longozu, which is a floodplain forest, with teachers and young people in the association. KARGENC CLUB works on posters and panels about environmental clean-up and recycling in the schools, preparing papers that draw attention to environmental cleanliness and recycling and tries to raise public awareness by distributing them to the restaurants in the city.

The Association has implemented more than 20 Youth exchange projects in the field of social inclusion, intercultural education, non-violence, anti-bullying, inclusive schools, healthy way of life, nutrition, sports and three Erasmus + Sport projects.