Bulgarian Sports Federation for Children Deprived of Parental Care together with the State Agency for Child Protection, Stara Zagora Municipality and with the support of the Corporate Commercial Bank will organize on May 8, 2014 in Stara Zagora – Beroe Stadium, the second for 2014 Regional tournament under the motto SPORT ACCESSIBLE FOR EVERY CHILD with the participation of children from 11 Institutions for children at risk in South Bulgaria and Big Heart clubs.

The Institutions for children deprived of parental care (ICDPC) which will participate in the tournament are the following:

1. Knyaginya Maria Luiza ICDPC, Plovdiv;

2. Olga Skobeleva ICDPC, Plovdiv;

3. Konstantsa Lyapcheva, Dolna Banya;

4. Balgarka, Stara Zagora;

5. Maria Terezia, Stara Zagora;

6. Teofano Popova, Stara Zagora;

7. Asen Zlatarov, Haskovo;

8. Social Center for Education and Career, Bata (Pomorie Municipality);

9. Tanyu Voyvoda, Asenovgrad;

10. Yuri Gagarin, Yambol;

11. Childhood for everybody Complex for Social Services for Children and Families, Asenovets (Nova Zagora Municipality).


The following events will be organized during the sports festival:

– Competitions in 4 sports (basketball, table tennis, athletics and mini football) with the participation of 183 children;

– Cultural program with performances by both the children from the Institutions and students from the host city.

Sample scenario for the conduct of the sports festival: 10:00 – Start of the competitions; 14:00 – End of the competitions; 14:15 – Award ceremony and beginning of the cultural program; 15:00 – Closing ceremony of the sports festival.